Tuesday, May 24, 2011

U.S. millionaire to provide 1.5 million pounds and 15 stocks skills training May 25, 2011

Looked at, including A shares, including the recent global stock market has been “chatter”, many people are itching, copy the big end of hope to earn in life first bucket of gold, but they have been delayed, not hands-on: Any is in the hands of the “versus” small; either the red and green variety of the K line, average no understanding. But now, when someone gave you 10 million pounds (about 1.04 million yuan), and even teach you a variety of trading techniques, you would be willing to “sea” tried his hand? According to Xinhua News Agency

24, according to British media reports that claimed that American millionaire Mike Di Baghdad, anyone can become a successful investor. To prove this assertion, he recruited 15 investment layman, to provide £ 100,000 per person for the time in 3 years trading stocks, commodities and so on.

Professor at the London stock

According to reports, Baghdadi offered in the British capital London, a financial trading training institutions. Baghdadi said that he wants to prove that, when a successful financial products, traders do not require special skills, just willing to “follow some specific rules.” Whether changes in the financial markets there is a pattern different opinions, but Baghdadi’s spokesman told the British “Daily Mail” reporter: “We stand by the rules of the test of time, the most suitable for the 21st century transaction.”

The spokesman described the large amount of money to teach ordinary people learn the transaction item, did not avoid promoting their business. “Our method of training for each trainee to train with us in all the world the same way as financial institutions, personnel.”

July 4 start “real”

In addition to providing each student an initial £ 100,000 trading capital, Baghdadi training institutions bear all expenses and related costs and initial losses of students. Participants will receive a certain percentage of salary, and can profit from the transaction in the commission.

Baghdadi singled out at the end of the project will leave for their outstanding work performance. Limited number of winners. Baghdadi said: “This project is my dream, I am responsible for 15 students.”

After training, these trainees, July 4 start real time trading. The Baghdadi’s body will record the 3-year students experience this, I hope the final can be shared with more people.

8 of 15 places for thousands of candidates to compete

About 8,000 people apply for the Baghdadi projects selected include taxi drivers, housewives and retired military officers.

They must give up the original work, full-time to participate in this 3-year project, first undergo rigorous training to learn Baghdadi called “trading strategies secret.”

谢尔盖古赛伊诺夫 aged 30, previously a receptionist at a London hotel.

About the reasons for the Project, this study English in London in 2005 Russian law graduates, said: “a receptionist is not my ideal job,” he said, “I believe that I can engage in this work.”

Who’s Who

Investment experience in gold trading lay family

Information Times roundup Baghdadi was born in Egypt, and later became a U.S. citizen, 36 years of cumulative investment career, and now, in addition to teaching than some Wall Street investment banks, he is well-known stock analysts, market analyst and television people.

The reason why the investment in the memories of their own interest when it is due Baghdadi own childhood by the “monasteries.” At that time, his family specialized in the manufacture of porcelain decorative items, while his father was a famous sculptor in Egypt, often made with plenty of gold ornaments. Little Baghdadi every month to see the price of gold rises and falls in interest on investment thus began. Later, while going to school to take care of his side of the family business, purchasing gold a month still to go to Europe to make their trading experience more comprehensive. When he graduated from Cairo University, he officially entered the investment industry.

The reason that the launch of the training, Baghdadi said he was inspired by legendary trader Richard Dennis, the United States. Bet with a friend in 1983, Dennis said, anyone can master a set of rules to profit in the transaction. Later, Dennis recruiting students for training, one of the participants 100 million “pot of gold” earned $ 31,000,000.