Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don Quixote Effect: Most American Utilities Are Publically Owned: (Just Like a Co-Op)

For the price of one cup of coffe per week, every American can choose to have all of thier electric power to come from a renewable source. (Wind or Solar)That's about $12 a month. Contact your local utility to sign up.

Think of it as a cheap investement that could pay off in spades. Every extra dollar spent on renewable energy is reinvested into the technology, just like in the stock market. You get the "peace of mind" in doing your part and not being a pansy.

The more viable the energy source, the less volatile it is on the stock market. You could get rich and save the world at the same time. Wouldn't your children and grandchildren love you for that? How about loving yourself? But it's gotta start somewhere, it's gotta start with a choice, and you have to make it.