Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Best Performing Stocks – Top Stock Gainers

Are you looking for Best Stocks for 2010? Below list of top Stocks Year to date largest Percentage gainers to 2010? Updated weekly, this list will keep you updated on the hottest Stocks for 2010. I post the list Best Stocks trading in NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX. Only Shows stocks Pick over $1.

Ticker Company Performance (Gain or -Loss) Price
1.EEE Evergreen Energy, Inc. 174.35% $1.92
2.IBCP Independent Bank Corporation
67.30% $2.51
3.KV.A KV Pharmaceutical Co. (KV-A)
16.58% $2.58*
4.GENE Genetic Technologies Ltd. 460.90% $8.12
5.EMKR EMCORE Corporation 84.39% $2.49
6.JDSU JDS Uniphase Corporation
33.30% $20.32 *
INPH Interphase Corp. 28.60% $4.51
8.SRZ Sunrise Senior Living Inc.
77.18% $9.75
9.GFN General Finance Corporation
66.26% $3.00
10.REDF India Ltd.
131.58% $11.11*
11.APKT Acme Packet,Inc 57.96% $77.33
12.ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals,Inc -8.67% $1.38

*TA TravelCenters of America LLC 480.70% gain sold all
* KV.A KV Pharmaceutical Co. (KV-A) sold 50% of my portfolios $13.20 and buy back gain $4 again
*JDSU sold 50% of my portfolios $27.20
*CLDA Clinical Data, Inc. 150% gain sold all my position

*REDF sold 75% of with 250% gain.

Updated 05/22/2011

2011 Best Stocks Pick Rule: Whenever I buy Penny stocks if that stocks go up short term quick 300-400% gain, I took profit and buy back in low price again. When ever I buy stock always have stop price. Always protect my original capital.